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Flying Fish Roe

This orange colored tobikko is specifically prepared for sushi. Tobikko has a crunchier texture than masago. Tobikko enhances the flavor, texture and presentation of many sushi preparations. Tobikko is used more for garnishment than a main filling ingredient. It is common on the inside, outside or as a topping of sushi rolls and nigiri. Origin: U.S.A.

Salmon Roe
Large and flavorful salmon egg, a popular topping or filling for nigiri and more. These eggs are harvested from wild salmon. Origin: Canada. Large and flavorful bright orange salmon eggs are a popular treat as a finger sushi (nigiri) topping or used for a wide variety of sushi garnishments. These Canadian salmon eggs are specially harvested and prepared for sushi. After slightly defrosting to remove desired portion, salmon eggs can be maintained frozen for many future sushi preparations.
Sea Urchin
Sea urchins are marine invertebrates with about 800 species in existence around the world. A sea urchin skeleton (called the "test") is made of hard plates that surround the body and form a rounded shape, like a flattened ball. Sea urchins are covered in spines that both provide defense and help them move. In some species the spines are poisonous. Urchins usually live on the sea floor or in tide pools, where they eat algae, seaweed, tiny organisms, and organic material sifted out of sediment.
Being so small, there's not much meat on a sea urchin. The creature's eggs (called "roe") and reproductive organs are most commonly eaten. Sea urchin roe is a delicacy in Japan, often served in sushi dishes -- just look for "uni" on the menu. According to, uni has a strong flavor that is "at the same time loved by many and disliked by almost as many."

Smelt Roe
Specially prepared Capelin roe, popular orange sushi topping and nigiri ingredient, can be portioned frozen for many sushi preparations. Origin: Iceland. These small, orange, capelin eggs are a popular nigiri topping or garnishment for many preparations including: spicy sushi creations, rolls, hand rolls and much more. Specially harvested and prepared for sushi, they can be portioned directly from the freezer for convenience. Simply remove desired portion and replace sealed container in freezer. Common preparations: Masago is popular used as a topping for the outside of sushi rolls and nigiri to accentuate appearance and flavor of sushi. It is also used for spicy sushi sauce.